MyID Dot Ca Auction Update

March 31, 2008 · Print This Article

Further to my recent post, the details of the MyID Dot Ca Auction have been released. Here it is in a nutshell:

1. Monthly Auction – The auction will start on the first Thursday of each month at 15:45 EST and end on the following Thursday at 15:45 EST. The first auction will be start May 1, 2008 and run until May 8, 2008.

2. Deadline for Submissions – Submissions must be made during the first seven days of the preceding month. So, for the May auction, submissions must be made from April 1 until April 7. There will be a web based interface set up for submissions, but for now submissions are made via email. Submissions must include a desired reserve range and a suggested category (see below).

3. Categories – For the first auction, the categories will include:
2-3 character
Professional Services (Legal, Medical, Accounting,…)
Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Exercise
Real estate
Geo Domains (Domains that have ‘Canada’, ‘Canadian’, or any of the Canadian provinces/cities in them)
Business and Financial Services (Loans, mortgages,…)
French domains
Miscellaneous (Domains that do not fit in any category above)

4. Reserve Ranges – Reserve ranges will be grouped into the following categories:

5. Domains on Auction – Domains that will be auctioned will be announced 15 days before the auction. For the upcoming May auction, the list will be announced on April 15, 2008.

6. Security – MyID will be announcing steps they will take to prevent bogus bids and to ensure the legitimacy of domain owners.

All in all, it sounds to me like a good set up. If you wish to sign up as a buyer or a seller, head on over to MyID.

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