Launches .ca Auctions

March 27, 2008 · Print This Article has now tossed their hat into the .ca auction market ring.

Prior to this, the only company offering .ca auctions was Sibername. Sibername only started offering these auctions in December 2007. It’s good to see increasing competition in this market, and it’s a sure sign that .ca domains are becoming more important.

The MyID auctions look well thought out. One of the points that they emphasize is that they will market the auctions well, which is, in my opinion, pretty much the most important role for an auction company. This marketing has been somewhat lacking in Sibername’s auction efforts.

One interesting thing about the auctions is that they have a “category” system. They explain it this way:

Each auction will have domains in a number of categories and a number of price ranges with a cap on number of domains allowed in one auction in one price range or one category. For example, and that’s just an example, there may be a max of 5 legal domains, 1 two letter domain, 3 with reserve above $5000 and 5 with reserve between $0 and $100. Once a category is filled, no more domains can be added to it and accordingly such domains would not be included in the auction.

One thing that has been lacking in the Sibername auctions is the actual bidding console. To see bids on a domain, or even the exact time an auction ends, you actually need to click on the domain name. When you do see a bid, it’s not clear whether it’s a real bid or a starting price. When an auction is over, it’s not clear whether you’ve won the auction or not. Hopefully, will have a more professional interface.


I now have more details about the auction. The auction will start on April 15, 2008. As of now, I’m not sure how long it will last.

If you want to submit a name for the auction, you must act quickly – submissions must be made Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week. As of now, I’m not sure what there commission rate will be.

Head over to to sign up as a buyer or seller.

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