Dealing with Email Enquiries for Your Domains

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The best way to sell a domain is having an end user approach you for it. But what’s the best way to deal with such an enquiry? Recently, there was a good discussion about this at DomainState which is well worth reading.

I personally like namethink’s response to the enquiry, which is:

Thank you for inquiring about my domain name ‘’ I currently have development plans for this name, and haven’t worked out my lost opportunity cost if I were to sell it. If I were to receive a serious offer for this domain, I would run the numbers and possibly enter negotiations for a sale.

Another approach you may want to consider if the enquiry is about a domain you don’t really want to sell unless you get an extremely good offer, is a response something like: “Its not really for sale but I am open to offers”.  Or, you can say it more eloquently, like Drewbert:

We are not looking to sell this name, don’t need the money, and are not interested in long drawn-out negotiations.

So you need to convince us to sell, which means hitting us with an offer that will blow our socks off. You only have one chance so make it good. If we like it, we’ll get back to you. If you don’t hear from us, you know why.

These are just sample responses. Of course, every response should be tailored to the individual domain in question and if possible, to the person making the inquiry. The important thing is as Stratagenix states:

I always put the ball in their court. The may offer you more or less than what you are willing to accept. If it is less, then you counter. If more, then you break out the champagne. If they offer you a lowball price, tell them to come back when they are serious.

Although I’d certainly recommend being more polite than saying “come back when you are serious!”


Jamie has published an email that he sent to a party who was interested in his offering price.  What I like about it is the part where he explains his asking price:

The reason behind our asking price, is due to the generic nature of the domain name that matches very well with what people search for and know already. On the internet, it is Key to have a domain name that matches what people already search for and know, is clear and easy to spell, makes sense and is to the point. is all that and then some!

Further Update:  Jamie has done it again with another great sample email.  The only point I’d make is that I don’t usually mention the mechanics of payment until a deal has been made, at which time I send the buyer a payment instructions memo.  Also, I generally first ask for the funds to be wired and only discuss Escrow if the buyer raises a concern about wiring funds.  Generally, I’ve found that buyers are often willing to wire the funds directly.  Here is the email Jamie sent:

Thank you for your interest in . I guess I do not have to tell you about the boom in “Organic” everything that is taking over the world but I do want to provide you with some facts about the domain name.


I watched a program on Oprah last week and it compared Organic farms to Standard farms. In the end, it all came down to Prices for the organic items. Prices on organic items were all slightly higher but not overly that much higher than what non-organic items were. But people were clearly interested in Organic Prices. 


Organic food prices are expected to surpass $25 Billion in 2008, which is up from the $1 Billion in 1990 and the $20 Billion last year. Organic foods continue to be the fastest growing sector with a rise of about 20% since 2006. is simply the best domain name for Organic Prices. It “Makes Sense”, describes exactly what it serves with no domain name better for Organic Prices. There can and is only one and it matches what people look for on the internet. It is vital to use “natural branding” because you are already providing what your customers are looking for, Organic Prices! does not restrict you to Only organic “food” prices or organic “coffee” prices or organic “milk” prices etc. allows you to cover them All. You could consider advertising at $2.61 Per Click for “organic milk prices” or the $1.90 Per Click for “organic food prices” with some “catchy term” but the ten’s of thousands spent each month trying to advertising your Organic Prices site would drive anybody crazy. I mean really, all these people want any way is the Organic Prices, so why not just go to!


Our offering price for is $2,480 USD. We use the secure and bonded escrow services of or . Your email address is the only information needed to get started and the domain name can be in your total control in 24-48 hours or less.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I look forward to working with you and appreciate your business.


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