Canadian Auction Update

June 17, 2008 · Print This Article

The second MyID auction completed successfully with three 5-figure sales: for $30,000, $19,100, and $15,000. In all, 33 domains were sold. Here are the remaining results: $1450 $1503 $4000 $1500 $2701 $2101 $61 $5199 $901 $1502 $1852 $3200 $1601
LegalConsulatnt(s).ca $1750 $3000 $2500 $901 $1051 $3002 $1041 $250 $230 $1800 $750 $1500 $3201 $1351 $250 $802

Keeping up the brisk pace, MyId is starting its third auction on Thursday. On the weekend, I’ll look at the list more closely and post my thoughts.

With two consecutive successful large Canadian domain auctions under their belt, I think MyId has created the first consistently successful dot ca auction platform. The little engine that could? Incredible, IMHO, that they are doing so well against large competitors like Pool and Sibername.

The Pool auction for closed this week. Unfortunately, I wasn’t active in that auction and I’m not sure of the closing price (if anyone know, please leave a comment or contact me). I have not heard about any further Pool dot ca auctions.

Sibername’s auction of 10 Canadian domains continues and is ending on June 26, 2008.

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