Rick’s Adult Domain Auction – Results, Analysis, Opportunities

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There has been a lot of discussion in the domainersphere lately about Rick Latona’s Adult Domain Auction held at The Phoenix Forum.  However, I haven’t seen the results posted anywhere.  Here they are:

PornCzars.com -$1.00
ChicBars.com – $50.00
HispanicPornos.com – $75.00
HispanicCouples.com – $100.00
boned.com – $4,750.00
hornychicks.co.uk – $350.00
BigDickPornos.com – $175.00
transsexualpornos.com – $150.00
MatrixContent.com Video Package 1 – $200.00
Hispaniccoeds.com – $100.00
Offshoring Package 1 – $200.00
Boys247.com – $50.00
SinglesListings.com – $125.00
MatrixContent.com Video Package 2 – $2,300.00
RackCo.com Hosting Package 1 – $300.00
Lot of 25 Adult Domains – $200.00
GroupOrgies.net – $10.00
LiveVoyeur.net – $20.00
P2PAds.com Website Traffic Package 1 – $2,800.00
X2KMedia.com Video Package 1 – $300.00
RackCo.com Hosting Package 2 – $1,000.00
RackCo.com Hosting Package 3 – $1,500.00
StripClubs.com – $101,000.00
Offshoring Package 2 – $400.00
SwingerHouseWives.com – $30.00
nudiebars.com – $500.00
BigCockPornos.com – $80.00
tubegratis.com – $125.00
Offshoring Package 3 – $1,100.00
P2PAds.com Website Traffic Package 2 – $1,400.00
adultwebsites.co.uk – $275.00
voyeurcams.net – $75.00
RibbedDildo(s).com and RibbedVibrator(s).com – $150.00
NaughtyHusband(s).com – $75.00
FirstPornoMovie.com – $30.00

Total – $117,926.00

As you can see, except for the sale of StripClubs.com, there were no major sales.  Interestingly enough, the non-domain items seemed to sell much better than the domains.


I’ve thought this for a long time, but now we’ve finally have proof of it – domain auctions are purely wholesale events.  If an end user gets involved, it’s fortunate, but a rare occurrence.

After practically every live auction event, the domainersphere and the forums buzz about how the auction results would have been much better if only the auction house had spent a lot of time and money marketing the domains to end users.  That has never made sense to me – the chance of an enduser wanting and a needing a particular domain at the precise moment the auction is held is very low.  Add in the unfamiliar and somewhat intimidating auction environment, and you can see why not many endusers get involved.

For this auction, Rick pulled out all the stops.  He put together a great lineup of domains with good (and often no) reserves.  The list of domains was announced well in advance, instead of the last minute announcement we normally see for live auction events.  He made sure that the domains were targeted at a particular industry, and held the auction at that industry’s main conference, when all the players were in one spot.  He heavily marketed the auction to these endusers.

In short, Rick basically did everything right (although there were some technical difficulties on the day of the auction).  Despite this, the auction results were disappointing.

On a personal note, I admire Rick for having the guts to do something different.  The most successful people are the ones who fail the most, as they are the ones who are constantly trying new things.  As well, Rick owned up to what happened instead of playing the politician.  Plus, he’s got some brand new strategies for selling to endusers based on what he’s learned from this experience – and I think these will work well.


Rick’s loss is your gain.  The names that didn’t sell, as well as a whole host of other quality names, are now available in an online extended auction.  You can see what is available here.  Highlights of the auction include:


The auction run until 2.00 p.m. Sunday EDT. Get your bids in now.

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4 Responses to “Rick’s Adult Domain Auction – Results, Analysis, Opportunities”

  1. Rob on April 8th, 2009 2:08 am

    Yeah for some reason the auction didnt go as well as everyone had planned.

    I had one name in the list above sell but the price was stupid not even reseller prices. . .

    I still have faith in Rick Latona and his team and Im sure he shall recover from this auction. . .

    I have the following names in the auction still running …

    Please bid – Grab a Bargain!







  2. Kevin Davis on April 8th, 2009 10:03 am

    If you don’t try different avenues you will never know.Rick is a pioneer.I also have some running in the extended auction now.Check them out.


  3. vinnie on April 9th, 2009 9:45 am

    anybody interested in http://www.nastyassfacials.com?? or 2Guys1Cunt.com??

  4. Johnny on November 13th, 2009 12:55 pm

    Some of those names were really poor in quality though. You have to wonder whether you need to know someone just to get listed in one of these auctions as they apparently don’t choose by quality all the time. Just because it’s a dot com, doesn’t mean it’s great. Also, some that were premium went for pitiful amounts so I guess your analysis makes sense. Best to wait for an offer from a business than wholesale it at an auction to other resellers. I think the only people really making money are those hosting the events. I know stripclubs could have done much better that, as well as several others! Factor in the economy as well and it’s a perfect storm for poor results. They surely had a lot of faith to start the bidding out at a buck on some of those!