Canadian TBR Drop Auction Irregularities

January 10, 2008 · Print This Article

I’m not sure how many of my readers are Canadian – if you are, please let me know by leaving a comment. If there is enough interest, I’ll write more about the Canadian domain landscape.

Anyhow, CIRA is the authority for .ca domain names. Every Wednesday at 2.00 p.m. Eastern they run a TBR (“to be released”) drop of .ca domains that have expired. The registrars compete to catch the drops, then auction them off.

Fine and dandy, except today, a lot of the names that were caught yesterday suddenly were added to next week’s drop list.

Here is what CIRA announced to the Registrars:

During the January 9 TBR session, it was discovered that a number of domain names were registered with the same registrar within a period that was less than five (5) seconds apart. This occurrence happened due to the presence of a particular set of variables. CIRA will update the TBR system to ensure that this circumstance will not re-occur.

TBR registration rules do not permit registration by the same registrar if the registration interval is less than five seconds. As a consequence, the domain names that were identified as being registered in non-compliance with the TBR rules will have the registration cancelled. These domain names will be made available for new registration during the next TBR session (January 16). The updated TBR list for next week will also include those TBR domain names that were not granted on January 9 due to the violation of the one-connection rule.

The registrars that seem to have lost their domains are Namespro, Dotcanuck, and 411.

As usual, Pool cleaned up in the drop. Sibername, usually one of the best drop catchers, unfortunately did not fare too well.

Some of the top prices are (in Canadian dollars, GST excluded): – $2,110 (an excellent and one of the highest prices I’ve seen for an – $810 – $410 – $260 – $170 (a steal because and are reserved names) – $135 – $110 – $110

Of course, many of the best names are still at auction.


Here are some more results (these are in US dollars) – $1,452 – $1,145 – $190 – $460 – $80 – $1,325 – $6,400 – $2,810 – $575 – $600 – $1,091 – $3,161 – unsure, but at least $10,171

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