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There has been a real explosion of blogs in the domainersphere over the last year. I don’t recall there being any blogs solely devoted to domaining a year ago, and now it seems that at least once a week I’m discovering a new domainer blog.

To keep up with all of this, I’ve decided to create a list of all the domaining blogs that I’m aware of that are regularly updated (there are some great blogs out there that unfortunately, seem pretty much abandoned). I’m going to keep this list current, so if you know of any domaining blogs that I’ve missed that are regularly updated, please drop a note in the comments.

On to the list…


Acro – Rants and raves about domains, business, PPC companies and social issues.

Afternic DLS Blog – Company blog by the Afternic Domain Listing Service.

Amazing Domains Blog – Blog with a United Kingdom orientation.

Anti-Cybersquatting Blog – Professionally written by Traverse Legal, PLC, this blog deals with legal issues surrounding cybersquatting.

Available Domain Names – Bill Eisenmann’s blog. Provides regular lists of domains that are available for registration as well as general domaining tips.


Bob White – Bob White’s new domain blog.


Circle ID – Community hub for the internet’s infrastructure and policies.

Clicks and Bits – Shawn Hartley’s blog about domaining.

Come Domain – Clasione’s blog covers the basics of the domain world.

Conceptualist – Sahar Sarid’s blog about domaining and so much more.


Dave Zan – Blog about domaining, with an emphasis on legal matters as they pertain to domains.

David Carter – UK based blog by domainer and internet marketer David Carter.

Dev Mobi – Blog about the development of .mobi websites.

Direct Navigation – Domain industry blog featuring a taken or available quiz.

DN Cartoons – Humorous domain cartoons.

DN Kitchen – Commentary on what’s cooking in the domain industry.

DN Underground – New blog covering the domaining industry, including topics such as avoiding scams, domain aftermarkets, flipping domains and more.

DNFER – All about Domaining from Manjula Fernando in Sri Lanka.

DNXpert – Regularly updated domain name blog.

DNZoom – The official blog of DNZoom by Bido.

Domain Bits – The blog you are reading. Well worth bookmarking and adding to your feed reader.

Domain Blog – UK focussed blog that gives you the latest news and discussion in the world of domains.

Domain Chest – New UK based domain blog.

Domain Flipper – Adventure in domain name flipping by Morgan Linton.

Domain Magnate – Michael Goldman’s domain blog, including comprehensive coverage of the buyout.

Domain Marketer – Where domainers share information.

Domain Michael – Covering domain investing and monetization, including domain development.

Domain Name Dispute Blog – Professionally written by Traverse Legal, PLC, this blog deals with the legal issues surrounding domain disputes.

Domain Name News – Adam Strong and Frank Michlick present a destination to learn about the latest industry happenings.

Domain Name Wire – Andrew Allemann’s industry news source.

Domain News – Leading news source for the domain industry.

Domain News 360 – Mark Mearin’s blog about domain names and domain investing.

Domain Parking Money – Blog that reviews various parking services.

Domain Pulse – David Goldstein provides the pulse on the domain name industry.

Domain SEM – UK based blog covering domaining with a hint of search engine marketing.

Domain Soil – provides up to the minute internet updates related to domain names, web hosting, and search engine optimization.

Domain Times – Written by the Hon. Neil Brown, QC of Australia, this website deals with the issues that arise in the arbitration of domain name disputes.

Domain Tweeter – A domaining and mini site blog that features weekly lists of keyword domains available for hand registration.

Domain Week – Ryan MacDonald discusses domain acquisition, monetization, and development.

Domainer Developer – A new domainer blog about domain name developing.

Domainer’s Gazette – Domainer news, musings and odd ramblings by Peter Askew.

Domainer Income – Blog that focuses on domain name investing.

Domainer Pro – Chronicles of the domain name professional W. H. Abdelgawad.

Domainer SEO – Writes about the intersection of domaining and search engine optimization.

Domaining – Raymond Kay’s guide to buying, selling and making money from domain names.

Domaining 2.0 – Domain industry website that aggregates all the industry headlines in one place.

Domaining Tips – Lord Brar’s blog offers a number of domaining How-To-Guides.

Domaining UK – Blog by an UK domainer.

DomainJunkies – Rodney Blackwell’s blog discusses the ups and downs of being a domainer.

DomainTools Blog – Jay Westerdal’s take on the domain industry.

Dominik Mueller – Long time domainer Dominik Mueller’s blog.

Dot Ca Domains – Canadian based blog by Robert Borhi.

Dot Me, Of Course – Domain blog devoted to .me domains (with information about .ly domains as well).

Dot Mobi – Blog about dotMobi and mobile content.

Dot Weekly – Jamie Zoch’s blog offers domain news and domain help.

DotMobiz – Coverage of .mobi domain news, auctions and sales.

DotSauce – A domain news magazine by Mark Fulton.


E3 Auction – Nick Wilsdon’s domain news blog.

Electron – Joe Davidson’s blog about the internet economy.

Elliot’s Blog – Elliot Silver is a prolific blogger with lots of insightful posts.


FKA200 – Sammy Ashouri’s blog about domaining and the internet.

Fractional Domaining Blog – Neal Voron’s blog looking at the world of buying, selling, owning, developing, and monetizing fractional domains.

The Frager Factor – Owen Frager’s eclectic blog often covers domaining from an unique perspective.


Generic cctlds – Blog covering the cctld market, including .cn, .de and .in domains.

Get Domains – Domain blog discussing industry news, coupon codes and available names.

Good Url Bad Url – Aaron Goldman’s blog for URL-aholics.

Green Taxi – Blog by Conor Neu.


The Hot Iron – Mike Maddaloni’s blog about business and technology. Contains significant articles about domains.


ICANN Blog – Keep up with what ICANN is up to.

Inside Domaining – Steve Granville-Smith’s online source to the domain space – “This is your time – you were born to be a domainer.

Invest In Domains – Brad provides lots of tips about investing in domains and becoming a domainer.

I Squatted Your EU – News and discussion about the domain name industry in Europe.

Is It Me Or Is Everyone Else Stupid? – Julia Mackenzie’s musings on domain names and internet marketing.


Jothan Frakes’ Weblog – Director of’s personal blog about the domain industry


Logistik Labs Blog – Covers the domain industry and offers domaining tools. – The authority on short and four letter domains.

M – Brings you news and coverage of the .us domain extension.

Modern Domainer – Source for domain related news.

Ms Domainer – New and outspoken voice in the domainersphere. – Canadian auction blog.


Name Blog – News and sales from the domain industry in the United Kingdom.

NameBait – Baitshop for domainers of the world by Jason Barrett.

NameBio – Justin Allen explores issues relating to domain name sales, patterns and trends.

NameDrive – Blog that provides domain news updates.

Names at Work – Blog that has a strong focus on new TLDs.

Namewise Blog – Blog in both German and English.

Newfound Names – Domaining blog by Newfound Names.

NNNNN Domains – The leading blog dealing with domains


Oz Domainer – The word on domain names from down under by Ed Keay-Smith.


Predictive Domaining – Barry Goggin’s predicts what will be valuable domain names in the future.


Quad Letter Domains – A British view on the and other 4 letter domain markets by Richard Shorten


Rick Latona – Domaining blog by entrepreneur Rick Latona.

Rick’s Blog – The Domain King’s thoughts on domains, traffic, closing more sales, business and marketing.


Scott Fish – General internet business blog with substantial domaining content by Scott Fish.

Self Made Minds – Run by Al Carlton and Scott Jones, this blog discusses domaining and being an internet entrepreneur.

Seven Mile – The official Frank Schilling blog. Frank is one of the most successful domainers in the industry.

Simply Geo – Steven Morales’ blog about the geo domain niche.

Success Click – Stephen Douglas’ new blog about the domain industry.

Supernatural Agency – blog about Domaining, monetization strategies, search marketing and Internet entrepreneurship.


The Critical Post – Provides news and commentary on the domain industry.

The Domains – New blog covering the domain industry.

Tia Wood – Domain blog that presents an unique perspective.

Trend Domaining – Scott Griffes’ blog provides coverage of the latest trends that can be applied to the domain industry.


Unplain – John Bomhardt’s views on domaining.

Url Academy – Andy Kelly’s blog about all you need to know about domain names.

Url Kazoo – Covers domain news and domaining tips.


Web Publishing Blog – Andrew Johnson’s blog about the internet, with lots of articles about domaining.

WebDotGeek – Blog by Abhishek Jha, a university student in India, about the domain business and industry, and web monetization.

Whizzbang’s Blog – Michael Gilmour’s resource for domain name owners.

World’s Worst Domain – Domain blog written from an interesting angle with a lot of humor added.


4 Letter Noob – A blog about domaining.


There are also a couple of industry resources that cover these blogs, but are not blogs themselves:

DN Hour – Digg style news site where you can submit and vote on stories from domain blogs.

Domaining – Presents a mashup of the latest posts from over 50 blogs

Also, not really a blog, but required reading is DN Journal.












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  1. Some really interesting sites here that I had not heard of before.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Good list. Thanks!

    Tia Wood

  3. This is a great list – thanks!

    One more I could throw out there is, my own blog. I do not write exclusively on domain names, but I do try to present the sector to my readers, namely small businesses and entrepreneurs.


  4. great great list..

    domainersphere … hmm..neat name..

    guess who owns the .com ?

    : )

    I love this business.

  5. :) is owned by Jeffrey Behrendt :)
    Perhaps you can consider these blogs too:-

  6. admin

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I’ve added them all. Yes, domainersphere is a nice word 😀

  7. Thanks for the list and including mine here as well. I’ll be checking some of the other blogs too. :)

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    please create a list-of-sites or section dedicated
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  9. Nice list, i’m running my own domain blog, , thx for checking

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    2w – Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll see what I can do.

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    Thanks Chris – added your blog.

  12. We’re a domain dev company and we regularly blog on development, monetization, SEO/SEM and other domain issues:


  13. […] has this evolving list of blogs devoted to domaining. It seems like there’s a new one every day, indicating the explosive growth of the […]

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    Thanks Martin – I’ve added your blog.

  15. […] older blogs get abandoned over time. To help with this, Domain Bits has released a catalogue of allactive blogs about domaining. You can add these sites to your feedreader to make sure that you keep up to date in this dynamic […]

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  17. We run two blogs that speak to domaining and, more importantly, cybersquatting. Too many domainers don’t realize that they are incurring legal liability by registering domains or variations of famous trademarks. her ethey are

    Be safe and avoid ACPA and UDRP threat letters!

  18. Is there a list of UK blog owners?

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  20. admin

    @ subscription – Some of these blogs are UK blogs – Ray’s comes to mind. has a UK focus.

  21. admin

    @Enrico – Thanks -I’ve added your blogs. You’re right – even many experienced domainers aren’t on top of the legal aspects of domaining.

  22. I’m in England also, thanks for the list.

    Does a domainer thend to be a good affiliate or do you think its better to be one or another?



  23. admin

    @ cabbage soup diets – I think domaining and affiliate marketing tend to use different skillsets. Howver, I think in the next year or two, many domainers are going to be looking more closely at affiliate programs to develop and monetize their websites.

  24. Hi, Jeffrey! Great list you’re developing here!… I think it’s going to be an exciting year in the Fractional Domaining Industry, and I invite you and other domainers to my Fractional Domaining Blog at .

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  34. Great list:) My norwegian domainingblog:

  35. admin

    @ Terje – thanks for letting me know. So far, I’ve left non-English blogs off the list, but I’ve had other suggestions of non-English blogs. If there’s enough demand, I’ll set up a non-English section.

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    I think a non-English section can be interesting.

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    @DominioSalud – OK, I’ll see what I can do.

  41. Thanks for adding my blog to your list.

    Great list, BTW.

    Best, Ms Domainer

  42. Thanks for the inclusion –

    Any chance you can organise these using WordPress’s blogroll section? You can output it on this page as normal. I’ll then add you to as a gatekeeper, and grab the output as OPML from you. You have some great blogs listed here.

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    Hi Nick – that site looks like a fantastic idea! Sure, I’ll do this and let you know when it’s done.

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  46. Thanking the administrator for raising the point
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  47. Great list, lots of new blogs and all well sorted. Good job!


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  49. Hi: I have a blog devoted to the’s, and it is regularly updated. Thanks.

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  51. Hi,
    Mark Fulton just directed me to this site, it is an extremely nice collection of blogs and is very useful for a spreadsheet I am currently making.

    I have a blog that is mainly focused on domains, you can find it at


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    Hi Shane – glad to see you hear. Looks like a great blog – good luck with it! I’ll add it to the list.

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  57. This is a nicely compiled directory of domain related blogs.


    Does this not fix?

    I’m scared to sales lately of my domains, you’ve Do you? I send my portfolio, if you are interested in any domain, I have to $ 60 but nothing at all ….


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  61. Nice collection, Thanks for your work and compilation of this list.

  62. We have a blog that is focused on domains, you can find it at

  63. […] coined by Jeff Behrendt of DomainBits, our “Domainersphere” is expanding daily as new entrepreneurs and experienced domainers […]

  64. Hey,

    Just started!

    Thanks- Brad

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    Looks like it’s off to a great start, Brad!

  66. […] be fun to apply this tool to domaining blogs and see what the results are.  So, I went through my list of blogs in the domainersphere and looked up the Trifecta score for each of […]

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    Hi Scott, adding it on. Some good stuff on your blog about the UK space – I don’t see much written on that.

  70. thanks for the list. here is my domaining blog , packed with lastest domaining news

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  72. great list! check out my domain blog @

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  76. Yes, great list!
    I have also started a blog some days back related to domainosphere, domaining, domain industry, making money, web insider information which I know as an experienced person in this industry, and hot news and tips and things you wont find at other webmasters forums and news portals!
    Though my blog is new, but im gonna make it big in sometime.
    I would thank you if you add my new blog to your list too.

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    Welcome to the domainersphere Abhisek! I’ve added in your blog.

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  80. Ed

    As a new Domainer, this list is just what I was looking for, thanks!

    I have started a live experiment in buying, selling and developing domain names at Please add if you deem suitable.

  81. Check out my blog and domains for sale.

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    Ed and Bob – welcome to the Domainersphere!

  83. […] .IN will be hot in a few years. To learn more about the current domain scene, I’d recommend read domaining blogs, forums etc. […]

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  85. Lots of DN blogs. Now it’ll be easy for me to keep eyes on domain industry :)

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    Nice list. I have just started a new domain blog, would be great if you could add it to the list. Also do a complete list update for 09.

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  88. Another blog by Brands-and-Jingles featuring premium .me domains will provide you with more trends and insights:

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    Very nice and easy to read blog – I really enjoyed it. I’ve added it to the list.

  90. Excellent List!
    Thanks for taking the time and effort to compile this.

    Feel free to add my blog if you like:


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    Kevin – added your blog.

  92. Thank you for providing this list. It is an excellent resource for anyone interested in domains. In fact, your entire “Best Blogs” section is a great resource. This page is going to have a permanent link from my home page.

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    Thanks Domain Offerings!

    You’ve got a nice site.

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  95. I wonder if you could add to your interesting list the website I have just started , which tries to help on the difficult issues that arise in the arbitration of domain name disputes. Comments are welcome.


    Neil Brown

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    Dear Sir – thanks for letting me know about your website. It is an excellent resource!

  97. Thanks for this great compilation and wonderful resource. There are many sites on the list that I wasn’t aware of. This is definitely going to be very helpful.

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  99. please can somebody advice me on this issue; is it good for me to use double quotations for domain search on overture, in case i find a domain that has a very high figure without double quotations, please what should I do to make it have high figure/traffic.
    2 please how can I learn seo

  100. Thanks for putting together this extensive list of useful resources for all of us! There are several blogs on the list which I visit regularly.

  101. I would be grateful if you could list It is devoted to UDRP decisions and issues , ie the arbitrated disputes on domain names.

    Many thanks.

    Neil Brown

  102. An excellently compiled list. Really useful, thanks!

  103. Great page you’ve put together here. I’d be most appreciative if you could add our new site to the list. We provide a domain industry site where aggregate all the headlines in one place. We also have a domainers toolbar and a daily email newsletter you can subscribe to to get all the top headlines delivered to your inbox.

    Domaining 2.0 –


    Scott Carde

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    Thanks Scott. I’ve updated the list.

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