Sibername Increases .ca Prices for Second Time in a Year

September 10, 2008 · Print This Article

I just received an announcement from Sibername that they are increasing their prices for .ca domains from $14.95 to $16.95 (Canadian).  This follows on an increase earlier in the year that increased prices from $12.95 to $14.95.

I am somewhat surprised at this aggressive pricing move, especially in light of Godaddy recently entering the .ca market.  Sibername blames the increase on the fact that “.CA domain names require lengthy procedure and communication for changes like administrative email change, registrar transfer.”  .Ca domains are definitely more complex than gTLDs, but this hasn’t changed recently and a lot of these functions are automated (although the CIRA process is so confusing, I bet Sibername gets a lot of requests for support).

In the past, Sibername was one of the top registrar choices for Canadian domainers due to their low prices and TBR success.  To me, this price increase signals a change in business strategy by Sibername away from catering to domainers.  Given the recent very vocal criticism of Sibername by some domainers (and I’m really not sure about the merits of this criticism), this is perhaps a good business decision by Sibername.

By comparison, CIRA charges registrars a wholesale rate of $8.50 per domain., my Canadian registrar of choice, charges $12.88, and often runs $1 off specials and offers discounts to large portfolio holders.  Godaddy charges $12.99 USD, which currently works out to about $13.84. charges $10.45. charges $9.95. charge $12.95. charges $12.50.

At least Sibername is still cheaper than, the registrar of choice for people with money to burn, which charges a mere $50, and yet manages to be used by most large businesses across Canada.

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