Rick Schwartz Cashing Out?

September 7, 2008 · Print This Article

I noticed this vignette on the TRAFFIC website:

7:30PM Come and buy as many as 50 Original Rick Schwartz vintage domains as Moniker hosts this special auction. Domains like Mens.com, Men.net, DarkChocolate.com, KinkySex.net, GoldFutures.com and many more. Many with type in traffic and reserves set so low that we are guaranteed to have some very exciting and lively bidding.

It looks to me like Rich Schwartz is selling a big chunk of his most premium domain names – at domainer prices to domainers, rather than to end users.  To me, that is a shock as he has recently said that domains are “appreciating too fast too [sic] measure.”  I’m not entirely sure why a person would sell assets that are appreciating so quickly.

However, as Rick has said many times:

I FOLLOWED THE MONEY!! I do that all the time. In anything. ALWAYS….follow the money.

Actions speak louder than words.  Maybe it’s time to do as Rick does, and follow the money – which seems to be selling a big chunk of their portfolios.

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