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November 26, 2007 · Print This Article

Elliot has just written an excellent post full of useful information for domainers and well worth reading. In his post, he provides domain speculation pointers. Elliot provides some great tips for finding unregistered domains that are worth more than reg fee.

While a lot of people state that all the best names are gone already, certainly there are a lot of decent names that haven’t yet been registered. I think that, especially for domainers new to the field or on low budgets, hunting for these types of names is worthwhile. As Elliot points out, these are somewhat speculative investments. However, if you figure out how to do this well, even if you only sell a few of the many you register, you can still make some good money.

Elliot gives 3 main tips for types of domains to look for:

1. City + Travel Service. Travel domains can often be worth a lot. Elliot recommends looking for domains that incorporate city names that are popular tourist destinations combined with a travel service, such as CroatiaTourGuides.com.

2. Health Domains. Elliot recommends thinking up possible products that would be used for a health problem, for instance, FishOilCream.com. Sounds smelly to me, but hey, there are weirder looking creams in my wife’s medicine cabinet.

3. City + Profession or Activity or Product. Elliot states that these are the least speculative of the bunch as if you choose wisely, there is certainly at least a bit of end user demand. Examples he gives are WashingtonDoctors.com, VirginiaMortgages.com, and PalmBeachSwimmingPools.com.

Bonus Tip: Here’s a great domaining tip from Brian: “Track all the new Wikipedia pages that are being generated. There�s a thousand pounds of shit to sift through, but you will find emerging topics that haven�t had their premium.com registered yet.”

Further Bonus Tip: If you haven’t read it already, look at registering new domains for profit.

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