Domaining Search Engine

December 20, 2007 · Print This Article

My recently published list of all the blogs in the domainersphere turned out to be very popular. One problem with it, however, is that it can be difficult to find the information you are looking for on a blog or across a spectrum of blogs. But if you turn to Google to find the information, you end up getting a lot of irrelevant results and ads.

Because of this, I’ve set up a custom domain search engine. The search engine is powered by Google, but the only pages it searches are pages on the list of blogs in the domainersphere, as well as some additional pages I’ve added in from non-domain blogs that are relevant to domaining.

Using the domain search engine has a few advantages over simply using Google. First, there’s no spam – only quality websites and articles that have been reviewed by a human being are included in the search index. Second, there are no ads, unlike with Google, where ads are plastered all over the right-hand side and often on top of the results. Third, the results all come from people who are dedicated to domaining – so you can be assured of their credibility. You won’t be pulling up articles written by uninformed reporters or covetous outsiders.

With the domainersphere growing at a rapid pace, there is more and more helpful information on the web that you can use. The next time you need to research something about domaining, do it the quick and easy way with the domain search engine.

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