8o.org Closing Soon

June 9, 2008

My domain 8o.org is on auction at Sedo and the auction will be closing in about 10 hours. Right now the price is only $1,050, which is a steal. You can read more about this domain here. Or, you can just head on over and bid here.  Read More →

Auction Review – Detailed Look At the MyID Auction

June 8, 2008

Auction Review - Detailed Look At the MyID Auction

As I previously discussed, there is a MyId dot ca auction in process. I said I’d analyze the domains soon, and now that it’s the weekend I’ve had some quiet time to do this. Here is the list of domains on auction, with the reserve range in brackets, and my thoughts on some of them afterwards: ... [Read more]

Advisory: Sell Your 3 Letter Domains

June 7, 2008

Advisory:  Sell Your 3 Letter Domains

There is a mantra among domainers: “shorter is better.” And to a large extent, when speaking about domain names, this is true (although some say that it’s not how short your domain is, but what you do with it, that matters). Following this mantra has paid off handsomely for many domainers.... [Read more]

2 Character Dot Org Sale

June 5, 2008

I’m offering up for auction the domain 8O.org – a premium NL.org. It’s a very rare domain – there are only 260 NL.org in existence. This domain consists of a premium letter and a premium number – which makes it even rarer still and more valuable. It’s a really old... [Read more]

Canadian Domain Auction Update

June 3, 2008

Canadian Domain Auction Update

After the successful sale of Dates.ca, Pool is now auctioning off the premium dot ca domain Betting.ca. The auction starts tomorrow, so get your order in quickly. There is no reserve price on Betting.ca – the domain will sell at the highest bid. Pool seems to be continuing their no reserve policy... [Read more]


June 2, 2008

The great domain Dates.ca finished its auction on Pool today. The closing price was $18,353 (USD). Another DN Journal worthy dot ca sale following on the heals of Friday’s MyID auction. The domain is an expired website and apparently earns $300 per month from affiliate sales. Bidding in the... [Read more]

CV.ca Smashes Records as MyID Auction Ends Successfully

May 30, 2008

The MyID auction ended as a resounding success. The domain CV.ca closed at $53,300 (Canadian) – making it the third largest dot ca domain sale of all time. There were several other great sales. The most contested domain was Diploma.ca, which closed at $17,352 (Canadian). Another highly contested... [Read more]

Canadian Domain Auction Scene

May 27, 2008

Canadian Domain Auction Scene

Pool is continuing with their one-at-a-time premium dot ca domain auction format. Their next auction is for Dates.ca, which is obviously a top of the line domain. According to Pool, the site receives 600 uniques per month and earns $300 (Canadian) per month – which shows just how profitable the... [Read more]

What’s A Dot Asia Domain Worth?

May 25, 2008

The sunrise dot asia domains are finished and so are some of the initial landrush auctions. This gives us some idea what domainers are valuing dot asia domains at – and perhaps what you should bid if you’re involved in an upcoming .asia auction. From the Pool DotAsia website, there is a... [Read more]

Weekly Roundup

May 25, 2008

Weekly Roundup

I’m going to introduce a weekly feature on my blog – every Sunday, I’ll select 10 of the best blog posts from the domainersphere and discuss them in more detail. Like my blog, rather than concentrating on news stories, I’m going to select blog posts that have good practical value... [Read more]

Mobi Market Meltdown

May 24, 2008

Mobi Market Meltdown

Yesterday’s Traffic Auction showed that what I had predicted has come true: the dot mobi market has melted down. Here are the .mobi auction results: mortgage.mobi – $18K drugs.mobi – $17.5K sales.mobi – $10.5K men.mobi – $10K films.mobi – $10K escort.mobi – $10K computers.mobi... [Read more]

Live Blogging the Traffic Auction

May 23, 2008

I’ll be live blogging the Traffic Auction for the first few hours (at 5 pm EST I have to pick up my son from school). It will be interesting to see how the auction goes given all the concerns with the bad economy. If it goes badly, expect people to say that timing was bad, long weekend, late in... [Read more]

13 Reasons Why A Domain Has No or Low Value

May 20, 2008

A lot of things can impair the value of a domain. Here are 13 of the most common reasons that I’ve seen for domains to have no value or a low value: 1. Weak Term in a Weak Extension. For domains that are not .com or strong .ccTLDs, the keywords in the domain need to be much stronger to compensate... [Read more]

MyID Releases Auction List

May 19, 2008

MyID Releases Auction List

The MyID auction is starting Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 15:45 EST and runs for one week to Thursday, May 29, 2008 at 15:45 EST. MyID has announced the domains to be auctioned. Here is the list, with reserve range in parentheses, as well as some of my comments: [Read more]  Read More →

Dealing with Email Enquiries for Your Domains

May 14, 2008

The best way to sell a domain is having an end user approach you for it. But what’s the best way to deal with such an enquiry? Recently, there was a good discussion about this at DomainState which is well worth reading. [Read more]  Read More →

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