GoDaddy to Offer .CA Domains

July 10, 2008

Godaddy in CanadaAs most people know, Godaddy is the most popular registrar in the world, thanks largely to their aggressive marketing and reasonable pricing.  Unfortunately, one of their shortcomings is that while they offer ccTLDs from around the world, they did not offer .ca registrations.  This is about to change in the near future – Godaddy has announced that they have become a Canadian registrar.  They hope to be able to offer .ca registrations in one month.

This is sure to shake up the Canadian registrar industry significantly – Godaddy states that they have 5.5 million Canadian customers.  Considering that there are only slighly more than 1 million .ca domains registered, it would seem to me that Godaddy already has the market well covered.  (I find the figure somewhat astonishing – that means almost all Canadian domain holders don’t own .ca domains).

Godaddy is, of course, launching their entry into the Canadian market with a splash – by being the official broadcast sponsor of the NASCAR Napa Auto Parts 200 on TSN, Canada’s leading 24-hour all-sports network Aug. 2 in Montreal.

Exciting times ahead for the .ca world! Prices Continue to Fall

July 2, 2008

Previously, on June 7, I warned that prices were about to fall. On June 26, I showed that prices had already began to fall. I hate to sound like a broken record, but today, evidence comes in that prices continue to fall further.

Today on Bido, the domain closed at $6,730. A week ago, people were scoffing at the mention that a three letter dot com could sell below $7,000 – today one did.

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